About us

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Voetbalscholing.nl has been specialized in training for 25 years.
Football training in every conceivable direction such as football technology, football condition, mental resilience and recovery training.
From full courses to practical short informational football programs.
We serve every football club, associations, trainers, volunteers, the business community or professional football organizations.

For example, we are subject teachers at the CIOS and various ROCs, but we also provide practical support to several covenant clubs where we, as a partner, support the framework through training and information.

We often come to the locations. In both cases with the guidance of top teachers from the football world. For example, our football training for students / trainers can easily be combined with their job or private life and you can achieve a recognized end result if desired.

Voetbalscholing.nl cooperates with Voetbal International, the youth magazine Panna, the AVRO-TROS, the KNVB and the specialist magazine TrainersMagazine.

In the eyes of the founders Fons van den Brande and Johan Scholten of Voetbalscholing.nl it is healthy that trainers and parents (who work at their football club) have multiple study options.
As we are training partner of the KNVB, we also offer KNVB credits.

With our dedication we can give professional attention to the development of the child through play fun and many ball contacts with the Moves-Skills, which is entirely based on football technology.



Football as a broad healthy lifestyle for young people is a spearhead at Voetbalscholing.nl and we show this through our accents that we apply to football pitches.

A regular part of our daily work is the design, maintenance and implementation of large-scale football events, often commissioned by the business community, government or other institutions.

View all initiatives on this website and be surprised.
Fortunately, nowadays more roads lead to Rome and makes our football regained by the diversity of our beautiful footballing country.